Branded Channel Host: Join Us!

Women’s Broadcast Television Network is seeking content created by women for women.  We are unlike most Video-On-Demand TV stations because we offer Live Stream, Live Chat, Live Private Presentation (i.e. WebEx) in addition to Video-On-Demand programming.  Our Television Station breaks the mold of typical television because we know the importance of interacting with your audience to build relationships, increase your list/followers and engage with links to your programs and services.

WBTVN is the exclusive ALL women’s television station within a network of Cable stations throughout the United States and broadcast via Roku, Chromecast, AppleTV, Amazon Fire to the world. When you host your television show on WBTVN we put you front and center with 30 million households using digital streaming television globally!  That’s an immediate audience and that’s immediate revenue for you through new business or sponsorships/commercials.

We do have an investment to join our Network, however our business model allows you to make more money than the typical licensing fees and has all of the bells and whistles you need to build YOUR audience.  WBTVN also includes you in our advertising and promotion throughout our network at no cost, we become your online media partner.

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Benefits for Hosts


  • Reach the 2.5 trillion dollar market of female business owners ages 25 – 60 years in age with tremendous consumer needs and purchasing power
  • Make your brand friendly in the diversity markets
  • Proprietary database access to WBTVN hosts and members
  • Highlight products and services directly to your customer
  • Cross-promotion to subscribers of 480,000 + local cable networks and 30 million streaming video subscribers on ROKU, local cable networks, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast and others
  • Commercials with your branding and message running on WBTVN and partner stations
  • Cross-promotion on WBTVN social media channels and email network of 100,000+
  • Take advantage of the brand equity, media and tremendous following of business women WBTVN and Women’s Global Leadership Alliance (WGLA) has created.
  • Enhance your cause-related marketing by participating in events and shows that benefit the community and empower women
  • Multimedia promotional campaign includes television, radio, print, direct mail and internet including social media
  • Speaking opportunities at events (Free tickets to events for employees)
  • Interview opportunities with WBTVN hosts
  • Banners and ads that run on individual host channels and WBTVN network
  • Dedicated campaign with pre-marketing and follow-up promotion
  • Press Release announcing partnership
  • Hyperlink on the website
  • Hosting television show 4 times per year
  • Access-to-audience with email marketing, blogs, and social media
  • Making a Difference Award with photo opportunities and media
  • Logo inclusion in signage and posters
  • Dedicated campaigns with pre-marketing and follow-up promotion
  • Exhibitor opportunities, signage, and your company representatives at live events

What’s included with your Channel

Become a host of your own television show!  Join WBTVN and build your business with video.  Our network of online cable stations NEED your content.  We have a network of 30 million viewers and we are GROWING every day!   Stop using your list to grow your company, use ours.  Working smarter, not harder!

  • Access WBTVN Training Center

  • Your very own BRANDED Channel; logo, banner ad, contact information

  • Access to reports and statistics

  • Ability to promote via email and social media

  • Promote from your website and blog

  • Live Stream Interviews and Events

  • Live Chat

  • Pre-recorded and Upload Capabilities

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support

  • Choose Your Day and Time Slot

  • Ability to Participate in Sponsor Spot (We promote you to our sponsors, who in turn help pay for your show!)

  • Training and Workshops (everything from getting sponsors to TV best practices)

  • Collaboration Opportunities with other Show Hosts and Events

  • This is the ONLY marketing tool online purposefully created as a WIN-WIN for EVERYONE!

How to Get Started with Us

Step 1: Complete the application

Step 2: Upon Approval

Choose In the Spotlight Host or Branded Channel Host, Choose Day and Time for Show and Get Started.

Step 3: Coordinate with Your WBTVN Producer and Get Started

Now you are ready to begin! You will work with a Producer to begin getting your shows ready. You will pick a category (s) and you will have access to our Training Center and be invited to our weekly workshops and private Facebook group.

WBTVN Informational Webinar

Want to learn more?  Join our webinar and hear from our founders Shea Vaughn and Jayne Rios as they walk you through the opportunity and answer any questions you may have.

Access Webinar Information